How CBD Roll On stick Helps in Pain & Muscle Relief

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in the industrial hemp plant. Many studies have demonstrated that CBD can be an effective pain reliever because it interacts with neurotransmitters in the body’s endocannabinoid system. CBD has an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotectant properties, that promotes as being safe and non-intoxicating, with minimal risk of side effects.

One of the only issues with CBD is that when taken by mouth, it has a relatively poor bioavailability, meaning that it is difficult for your body to absorb. In fact, the WHO estimates that only 6% of CBD is absorbed when it is taken orally.

Many CBD companies developing a range of topical products that are applied directly to the skin. Today we’ll discuss CBD roll-on sticks, something that you may not have heard of.

CBD Roll on Stick

What is a CBD Roll On Stick?

CBD roll-on sticks are a topical salve that designed to be applied to the skin in areas which may be painful or inflamed. They can be used all over the body and are ideal for muscle-related conditions.

As well as CBD, these roll on products often contain other skin-friendly oils such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil. They may be infused with essential oils such as calming lavender or cooling peppermint, or ingredients known to help with pain such as warming capsaicin, which is extracted from chili peppers, or arnica which is a traditional remedy for bruising.

The exact formulation of CBD roll on stick that you choose will depend on why you are using it. Some people prefer a warming product, while others find a cooling roll on more effective. It is very much a matter of choice, and you may find that you need to experiment to find the perfect CBD roll on for you.

How to Use a CBD Roll On stick

Using a CBD roll on is fairly self-explanatory. Simply roll the ball over the area where it is needed and wait for its effects to kick in. However, there are a couple of tips that can help you to get the most out of your CBD roll on gel. Here’s what we recommend:

Apply to the Affected Area

Pain does not always stem from the exact area where you feel it. For example, a headache can be a result of tension in the neck and shoulders, and sciatica is typically caused by a problem in the lower back. If you can identify where your pain is coming from and apply your CBD to that area, it will likely be more effective.

Use the Right Amount

This might seem obvious, but if you do not apply enough of your roll on, it is unlikely to be effective. That said, you will want to use the minimum effective dose, so try applying a small amount to begin with, and increase it gradually over time. When you find the dosage that works for you, be sure to use that amount every time.

Keep it Clean

Since you will be using your CBD roll on stick again and again, you will want to make sure you keep it clean. The best way to do this is by washing the area where you want to apply it before every use. You don’t need to go overboard; a quick once-over with soap and water will do.

Do a Patch Test

Although CBD itself should not cause any side effects, some of the other ingredients in topical preparations could cause skin irritation. Therefore, it is advisable to test any new product on a small area of skin first, especially if you have extra sensitive skin or a condition such as eczema.

Have Realistic Expectations

Although research has found CBD roll on stick to be an effective remedy for pain, it is essential to set realistic expectations or you could end up disappointed. If you have been suffering from chronic pain for years, you should not expect a CBD product to resolve all your problems overnight. If you can get some relief for a few hours without having to resort to potent painkillers, that should be seen as a win!

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